What is the Grinberg Method®?

In the course of our life we aquire conscious and unconscious patterns of behavior and movement that are part of making us who we are. Even when some of these patterns restrict us, we believe we can't change them – because “that's just us”. 

Some examples:
- Suppressing or censoring emotions like anger, shame or sadness.
- Confronting pain with tightness and tension (clenching teeth, any kind of “relieving posture”)
- Overreaction when challenged (losing the ground under your feet, getting a big lump in your throat, making yourself small)

By raising and focusing attention on the body, the Grinberg Method® helps discovering and stopping these restrictive patterns. The awareness of these patterns is supported by different qualities of touch and by verbal guidance.  

Working online? 

During the first lockdown in 2019 we were all stuck at home. During this time of fear and uncertainty my colleagues and I wanted to keep working with our clients. We started doing online sessions, and soon realized that this way of body work, without touch, flourished in amazing ways – for some clients this method turned out to be even more intense. Online sessions are now part of my standard service.